Downloadable Resources


1. Seeking God Study Power Point 

Clarify what it takes to pursue a relationship with God.Clear up many misconceptions. Inspire one to wholeheartedly seek our Lord and God.

2. The Word of God Study Power Point

To help a seeker build faith in Jesus,One must accept the bible as the one true standard

3. Discipleship Study Power Point

Clear up common misconceptions about following Jesus, convict us of our rejection of true discipleship, and inspire us to answer the true call of Jesus

4. Sin Study Power Point

To help seekers see themselves as our Holy God sees them: utterly sinful and separated from our God. This realization brings about a desire for both forgiveness and repentance. Pray for the Holy Spirit to convict seekers in this study

5. Cross of Grace Study Power Point

 Here, the gospel message reaches its peak. We are saved through grace. There is hope! We are saved through Jesus’ loving sacrifice. Be sure that the seeker has seen his/her need for grace, and this study in grace will be powerful. It’s also important for the seeker to understand his/her responsibility for Jesus’ death. Establishing personal responsibility will later reap great gratitude and joy for Jesus’ personal love and forgiveness.

 6. Repentance StudyPower Point

After believing grace, the biblical response is to repent and be baptized for forgiveness of sins (Acts 2:36-38). Repentance, however, is a powerful blessing from God that has been stripped of its potency. The Greek word for repentance, metanoia, means “after – mindset.” With this gift of ‘hindsight,’ we see clearly to take the right path… the path of living for God rather than for self. Be careful not to present repentance as a work that leads to salvation; rather, it is our awakening to come to our senses and live the way God had always intended for us. It is more than a decision; it is God allowing us to see a new worldview, which always results in the fruit of a turned, changed life.

 7. Baptism Study Power Point

This study helps establish the link between Christ’s sacrifice and our forgiveness of sins by means of baptism.

8. Church Study Power Point

Encourage the seeker that each will not be left to fend for one’s self after baptism. Instead, Jesus baptizes us into the body, the church (1 Corinthians 12:12-13) to be joined by a team of like-minded disciples in our devotion to Him. These brothers and sisters are meant to be a continual source of encouragement in our walk with Christ. Even more good news!


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